About me

Informational design: web & editorial
I am available  @ Moscow, Russia

I do all kinds of things on my computer to transform and shape information into a great product. My mission is to make everything I touch friendly, respectful and emotional. To make people and businesses happy and help them accomplish the bravest goals. I love to design in a clean and modest way, leaving the trends behind. If you resonate with my ideas, make sure to explore what I do below and drop me a letter, let's be friends!

In the span of 8 years of professional experience I learned and mastered Adobe Suite (with InDesign in the lead), Sketch and Figma, Webflow and Readymag, HTML and CSS.


for JBL, UK Embassy,, Яндекс, Skillfactory, Союзмолоко, Городские проекты

💼 Evmenina & PartnersLaw firm website design 👑 Queen Birthday PartyWebsite design🥤 Milknews RatingsWebsite & Infographics design🥛 SouzmolokoEditorial and Infographics  
☎️ Camp ManagementWebsite with playful interactions ⛓ Blockchain BasicsLanding Page  🔉 OpsguruInteractive Web Experience  📅 SkillfactoryA provocative calendar  💻  BootcampCoding Camp

I never tend towards any particular field. I equally enjoy making dynamic, interactive (that's why I do web and UI) and static (editorial and graphics) products, always adding a dash of eye-pleasing colors, typography and creative composition.

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Building Scope Telegram Channel
Scope School
Online School

I always try to befriend new ideas. Nurture and grow them. Eventually, they turn into projects that reflect my vision of the future.



I listen to music on Spotify, go there if you want some fresh sounds. I collect and organize knowledge, ideas and beauty (essentially it's all the same thing) on

I run and cycle on Strava. I text on Telegram.

You can find me everywhere else under the handle @osyotr.